Chin Exercises For Double Chin – Best Exercises For A Double Chin

The best chin exercises for double chin that a person can do are exercises that target the face and neck areas.  The best exercises for a double chin that a person does to rid themselves of a double chin are actually quite simple and can be done right at home.  You do not need any special equipment to perform these exercises.

chin exercises for double chin

chin exercises for double chin

Most people want to do something about their double chin because having a double chin to them

affects how they look.  It is not a look they are happy with so therefore it does affect their level of self esteem.  They do seek ways to get back their look – the one without a double chin.

When one starts doing chin exercises for double chin they need to commit to doing this.  You do not do any type of exercise without some type of structure.  These exercises should  be done three to five times a week if you want to see results more quickly.


Some of the chin exercises for double chin don’t directly work the platysma muscle.  The platysma muscle is the muscle in your upper torso starting from your face, neck and upper chest.  This is the muscle that enables you to open and close your mouth and frown.  This muscle wrinkles the skin of the neck and depresses the jaw.

One of the chin exercises for double chin that you may already do on a regular basis and that is chew gum.  Chewing gum will put you on the road to no more double chin.

Another simple exercise requires you to sit straight in a chair and look at the ceiling.  Now this will sound silly but it supposedly works, pretend you are kissing the ceiling.  As you do this you will feel the muscle in your neck being worked.

Getting rid of a double chin without resorting to surgery does take more time and a certain amount of dedication and commitment.  On the other hand it is much cheaper than surgery.

Besides surgery and exercise there are other methods you can use to get rid of that double chin and that is creams and wraps.  You can buy gels or creams which when applied to the chin and neck area can firm up that area giving you a tighter smoother looking chin and neck.

As you can see there are different approaches a person can use when trying to get rid of a double chin.  For more information on some of the chin exercises for double chin  go to Face Fitness Formula.