Face Fitness Formula Review – Does Face Fitness Formula Really Work?

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Face Fitness Formula Review

Face Fitness Formula Review


The first time I came across Face Fitness Formula I was just looking at something totally unrelated and  their banner caught my attention.  Now I have seen lots of advertisements on toning various parts of one’s anatomy but never for the face.  Needless to say I found this a bit intriguing.  The creator of Face Fitness Formula, John Socratous, designed this product to help boost his modeling career.  He found that he was being passed over for jobs and he felt it was because he did not have the chiseled facial looks of other models.  He developed this product to help his career and tried it out on himself first.  The other alternative was plastic surgery which John was not comfortable with plus it is quite expensive.

Following is a Review of Face Fitness Formula

Face Fitness Formula Review – What Is It?

Face Fitness Formula is a step by step guide on how a person can lose weight in their face in thirty days.  The formula offers over 40 videos of exercises and also a specific diet which helps lose face fat.  You also get a monthly meal planner and dietary tricks to help lose face fat which will help lose that double chin or chubby cheeks.

The videos are divided into two sets – one set is for getting rid of the double chin and the other set is for getting rid of those chubby cheeks.  The videos include the standard videos that everyone is aware of and the other videos show some unconventional facial exercises.

You will also receive three bonuses which include an anti-aging guide and a guide for getting rid of acne.

You also get access to the online e-DVD video database which provides  face yoga training.  At the time of writing this John was offering several bonuses which included sculpting recipes and smoothies, a daily nutrition planner which will allow you to track your fat burning and muscle building diet and other bonuses that you will find interesting.

Also John offers lifetime free updates for Face Fitness Formula as he adds more features to this already amazing package.

Face Fitness Formula Review – What I Liked

First I have to let you know I personally have not tried this product so I am going by others  Face Fitness Formula Review.  Those who have tried this product are very happy with their results.

Philip had this to say “Hey John, your program was fantastic…loved the exercises, and my face looks so much better now.  It was much easier than I thought it would be too!  Please keep me updated on your other products.”

Yianna also loved the Face Fitness Formula she had this to say  ” I must admit that I feel my cheekbones more well-defined and for sure, this is a bonus for my self-confidence!”

Others commented as to how easy the program was to use and follow.  Others were amazed at how fast they started to see results.  Also this program does come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Face Fitness Formula – What I Didn’t Like

I looked high and low to find complaints about this program.  I did find a site that was very critical about losing face fat.  He claimed you cannot target different areas of your body to lose weight from.  He said the only way to lose face fat was to lose weight period and eventually it would come off your face as well.

Face Fitness Formula – Overall Thoughts

This program has been around since 2006.  Over 20,000 people in 90 different countries have tried Face Fitness Formula and have had amazing results.  To be around that long is a statement in itself.  To have that many customers all around the world also speaks volume about the product.  If you no longer wish to have chubby cheeks or a double chin then this product is for you!

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Chin Exercises for Double Chin – Best Way To Lose A Double Chin

Whether you’re a bit overweight, a lot overweight or not overweight at all you could be looking for some chin exercises for double chin.  Weight is not the only factor that causes a double chin in a person.  Knowing what causes the double chin will help you choose the best chin exercises for that double chin.

So let us take a look at some of the best ways to lose a double chin.

chin exercises for double chin

chin exercises for double chin

Well we all know that exercise is good for us.  Believe it or not chewing is an exercise.  Chewing gum is one of the chin exercises for double chin that a person can do to help reduce and eliminate their double chin.  Just make sure it is sugar free gum.  We wouldn’t want to gain weight or damage our teeth from chewing gum now would we!

As mentioned previously exercise is good for you.   Did you know that chin exercises for double chin can be performed in the comfort of your own home.     You should be doing them several times a day for shorter periods as opposed to a long session once a day.

Another way of getting rid of a double chin is with a cream.  There are actual creams on the market that claim they can help you reduce and eliminate your double chin.  Some of them are effective at firming up the skin in the chin area.  This actually helps to minimize the appearance of a double chin.

Now some people claim that the best way to lose a double chin is with a chin strap or a chin wrap.  With this method you first apply s reaffirming reducer gel on your chin as well as your neck.  You then position the chin wrap.  You can quite easily adjust the size to fit your head.  You should be able to feel how it raises and fixes into place allowing the gel to do its work.  The claim is that the active ingredients in the gel are powerful herbs used in Indian and Chinese healing medicines.  They claim these herbs help to reduce and reaffirm the chin leaving it firm and taut.

Others claim that the best way to lose a double chin is through cosmetic surgery.  The one thing about cosmetic surgery is it is a fairly common procedure and it is the fastest way to lose that double chin of yours.  The problem is with most surgeries that are an elective type of surgery it can be expensive.

So we have looked at some of the best ways to lose a double chin.  Some of them may work and some of them may not.  The exercises for a double chin may take longer than surgery but they can be effect.  For more information on chin exercises for double chin go to Face Fitness Formula.

Chin Exercises for Double Chin – Causes of a Double Chin

When a person starts to do chin exercises for double chin it is often good to know the causes of a double chin.  Knowing what the cause of the problem is will help address it more successfully.  That is all a person wants is to rid themselves of the dreaded double chin and then know how to prevent its return.

chin exercises for double chin

chin exercises for double chin

So what are some of the common causes of a double chin or what elements should we be looking at or paying attention to.  Well one thing that will affect whether or not we have a double chin is our posture.  Have you ever watched on TV as a photographer snaps pictures of a beautiful model?  Does she or he just stare at the camera like a deer caught in the headlights?  No they do not.  After much practice and who knows how many shots the model knows which way to stand to get the best look.  Just the way the move their head and neck about looks like they have been practicing some chin exercises for double chin themselves.  Many of us have bad posture and it is something that will take a while to correct.  Making this correction will help you see some pretty quick results.

Another factor that can be one of the causes of a double chin is our weight.  It is worth mentioning that not all overweight people have a double chin and also not all people with a double chin suffer with a weight problem.  Some people when they first gain weight it goes to their hips or thighs.  Other people when they gain the least amount of weight it can go to their face thus a double chin.  If weight is a factor then your choice of chin exercises for double chin may vary from someone who is not overweight.

Another thing that can be one of the causes of a double chin is genetics.  Did your mom or dad have a double chin?  As far as genetics being one of the causes of double chin there is not much you can do to change your genetic makeup.  However chin exercises for double chin can be a great preventative action to take to maybe alter your predisposition to the double chin family curse.  Taking action before developing a double chin would seem like the best line of defense in your situation.

As you examine each of these causes of a double chin you will get a better idea of what you actually need to do to rid yourself of a double chin.   Whether you need to practice better posture, which is a bad habit to break  but it is possible, or whether you need to lose some of that extra weight there is a solution to the causes of a double chin.

To find more about chin exercises for a double chin check out Face Fitness Formula.

Chin Exercises For Double Chin – Best Exercises For A Double Chin

The best chin exercises for double chin that a person can do are exercises that target the face and neck areas.  The best exercises for a double chin that a person does to rid themselves of a double chin are actually quite simple and can be done right at home.  You do not need any special equipment to perform these exercises.

chin exercises for double chin

chin exercises for double chin

Most people want to do something about their double chin because having a double chin to them

affects how they look.  It is not a look they are happy with so therefore it does affect their level of self esteem.  They do seek ways to get back their look – the one without a double chin.

When one starts doing chin exercises for double chin they need to commit to doing this.  You do not do any type of exercise without some type of structure.  These exercises should  be done three to five times a week if you want to see results more quickly.


Some of the chin exercises for double chin don’t directly work the platysma muscle.  The platysma muscle is the muscle in your upper torso starting from your face, neck and upper chest.  This is the muscle that enables you to open and close your mouth and frown.  This muscle wrinkles the skin of the neck and depresses the jaw.

One of the chin exercises for double chin that you may already do on a regular basis and that is chew gum.  Chewing gum will put you on the road to no more double chin.

Another simple exercise requires you to sit straight in a chair and look at the ceiling.  Now this will sound silly but it supposedly works, pretend you are kissing the ceiling.  As you do this you will feel the muscle in your neck being worked.

Getting rid of a double chin without resorting to surgery does take more time and a certain amount of dedication and commitment.  On the other hand it is much cheaper than surgery.

Besides surgery and exercise there are other methods you can use to get rid of that double chin and that is creams and wraps.  You can buy gels or creams which when applied to the chin and neck area can firm up that area giving you a tighter smoother looking chin and neck.

As you can see there are different approaches a person can use when trying to get rid of a double chin.  For more information on some of the chin exercises for double chin  go to Face Fitness Formula.